Tell your story with the help of beautiful and interesting illustrations. Books, educational materials, films or marketing purposes it really doesn't matter, we are working comfortable on all ways.

character development

Character Development

Human beings, animals or creatures... any, really any kind of creative concept needs character development too. Building up the visual personality, running through several different variations and make the selected one to pixel perfect. Just leave it with our team.



It's not magic... Hm... Well, actually yes, this is magic. Watch as your beloved static images come to life as forms of professional animations. We are happy to create from small to big projects, keyframe and rigged animations in 2D and 3D too.

graphic novels

Graphic Novels

Comic books and graphic novels will never be old-school or out of use. Nothing else can be so entertaining than reading a wonderfully illustrated story through printed pages. Just be creative, not only fictions can be used here. The world of graphic novels are open for any type of business use too.


Storyboard Creation

Better to check the different ideas and concepts before you are going on production with the best one. Storyboards are the best for this purpose. Quick and budget effective way to form any idea into shape.


Commercials and Branding

In case if you would like to build up the visual appearance of your business or you just need a new commercial design, please, feel free to talk about it with us. We are creating authentic, bespoken works only. No stock or template in use when you are working with us.

Animated pictograms for Brilliant Brainz

We were very happy to be able to make some quickly animated pictograms for the marketing video of this new monthly children magazine.

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Brilliant Brainz

A Thief's Fortune Location cards illustration.

Each artist at Clonefront love to play tabletop games. So, it was our pleasure when we get the task to create a set of location cards for A Thief's Fortune (by Artipia Games).
Mystery and unexpected time travel across ancient eastern cities and hidden places in the desert.

A Thief's Fortune

Ash to Black Water

Love and rebellion in the feudal Japan. A story about the forbidden relationship of a geisha and a samurai. Beautifully illustrated romance and adventure tied into a graphic novel.

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Ash to Black Water

Dream that the Believed is Getting here.

Clonefront Entertainment is a London based art studio, focusing on illustrations for books and films. Our studio is a good melting point of exciting creativity of veteran and new artists with different views and imaginations.

The huge cumulative work experience of our team members always leads our creative production and problem solving to the right direction.

We have strong in-house quality and ethical guidelines for work-flows and business processes. These can assure our clients satisfaction on our provided works.

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